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Janos Veres
leads the Novel Electronics program, exploring 2D and 3D printing and large area processes as manufacturing techniques for electronic devices. He’s authored over 20 patents and 40 publications, and published key findings on the physics of organic semiconductor materials such as interface phenomena and the use of blends and phase separation. Janos has a Ph.D. from Imperial College in London and an M.Sc. from Lviv Technical University in Ukraine. 

PARC Scientists Develop Tiny, Low-Cost Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras

Researchers at PARC are democratizing hyperspectral imaging with a fundamentally new approach that dramatically reduces the associated cost and size barriers. As a result, we will soon see these micro-scale  cameras in everyday products, from mobile phones and other handheld devices to aerial drones and action cameras, enabling consumers access to NASA-grade imaging power to improve daily life.