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Bernard Casse
is the Area Manager of the Metamaterial Devices and Applications (MDA) group in the Hardware Systems Laboratory. The charter of the MDA group is to develop and commercialize advanced metamaterial prototypes for a wide variety of applications including cleantech, communications, medical, sensing, and defense applications. The MDA group leverages PARC’s core competencies and culture of innovation to provide need-driven solutions for Government and commercial clients. 

Harvard Medical School is testing a new design of a brain implant meant to restore vision to the blind.

The three-year project is supported by a multi-million dollar grant under the BRAIN initiative, created by President Obama to improve scientists’ understanding of how the brain works. “At the end of that we hope to have monkeys be able to navigate a maze, just by perceiving light and dark or basic geometric patterns,” says Bernard Casse who leads the PARC research team that invented the implant design.