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Bernard Casse
is the Area Manager of the Metamaterial Devices and Applications (MDA) group in the Hardware Systems Laboratory. The charter of the MDA group is to develop and commercialize advanced metamaterial prototypes for a wide variety of applications including cleantech, communications, medical, sensing, and defense applications. The MDA group leverages PARC’s core competencies and culture of innovation to provide need-driven solutions for Government and commercial clients. 

Mobile Ordering Lets Customers Cut in Line — and That’s a Problem

James Glasnapp is a PARC social scientist who specializes in ethnography. As a result of his hyper-awareness of UX, he's often tortured by his own experiences with products. One area in which he sees need for improvement is the experience of mobile ordering versus physically standing in line. He shares his experiences and takeaways for how companies deal with their on-site and mobile app customers.