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David Schwartz
manages the Advanced Manufacturing and Deposition Systems area. In the energy domain, he’s focused on efficient systems, including novel space-cooling and refrigeration technologies and heat engines. For printed organic electronics, he applies his expertise in device modeling and circuit design and testing to enable larger, more complex, and more reliable systems to be fabricated. David earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a B.S. in Mathematics from Brown University. 

Drastic disruptions are underway in the energy market

Scott Elrod -Tech Crunch 4/22/16 - When you flipped on your light switch this morning, where did that energy come from? What were the environmental impacts of its generation, transmission and use?   All energy sources have externalities that many of us are passionate about: emissions from burning fossil fuels, groundwater contamination related to oil and natural gas extraction, impacts on fish migration for hydropower and desert habitat disruption for solar, just to name a few.    Read More