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Mandana Veiseh
is a senior member of Electronic Materials and Devices-Microsystems Technology group and a former National Research Service Award fellow of National Cancer Institute. She develops biohybrid micro-/nano-systems and new research thrusts that bridge engineering and nanotechnology to translational biosciences in the areas of cancer diagnosis and therapy, bioelectronics medicine, 3D model systems, and environmental monitoring. Dr. Veiseh holds Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering and Nanotechnology from University of Washington. 

How the "Internet of Everyday Things" could turn any product into a Service

Venture Beat - Feb 7  "Imagine a near future where there will be a wireless sensor on the bottom of every shampoo, detergent, and medication container.  It will tell you how much product is left and trigger a replacement order once it gets to 10% full or approaches its expiration date.    Now imagine a future laundry detergent dispenser that is connected wirelessly to sensors in the washing machine...."