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PARC, a Xerox Company

PARC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox and an integral part of Xerox's strategy for long-term research investment. Founded in 1970 as part of Xerox Research, PARC was incorporated in 2002 as an independent center for commercial innovation.

Over the years, PARC has delivered lasting value to Xerox, for example, as laser printing became a multibillion-dollar business for Xerox. PARC also is the birthplace of Xerox's DocuPrint network printing software, the dual-beam lasers used in many Xerox products, and the scheduling software of the Xerox iGen3™ Digital Production Press.

Xerox continues to embed relevant PARC technology into its product and solutions offerings. PARC collaborates with Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Xerox Research Centre Europe, and Xerox Research Center Webster, pioneering high-impact technologies that enable Xerox to lead in its core markets.