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Norihisa Awamura
  • Ethnographer, trainer, and facilitator at PARC's Tokyo, Japan office
  • Innovation project experience in various fields including construction, project management in an IT company, and everyday life of consumers
  • Delivers PARC's innovation training


Ramesh Ayyagari
  • expertise in architecting software and hardware for high speed routing platforms
  • B.S., Electronics and Communication Engineering, Osmania University, India.


Kent Baker
Kent Baker
Chief Intellectual Property Officer

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  • oversees commercial business and strategic development of intellectual property and licensing
  • manages intellectual capital management, tech transfer, standards and intellectual property protection organizations 
  • M.B.A., University of California San Diego; B.S., University of Nevada-Reno; law degree, McGeorge
  • has issued patents


Jianer Bao
  • batteries and fuel cells; high-temperature chemistry and thin film deposition and coating
  • application-driven novel energy storage and conversion systems with breakthroughs in electrocatalysis and electrolyte design
  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University; M.S. and B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University in China


Eugene Bart
  • high-level understanding and interpretation of images and has led to novel theories of human vision
  • applies computer vision and machine learning to the task of analyzing images of documents to enable computers to understand and interpret documents in the same ways humans can
  • BSc physics and computer science, Tel Aviv University; MSc, PhD computer science, Weizmann Institute


Eduardo Bascaran
Eduardo Bascaran
Human Resources Director

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  • directs PARC Human Resources
  • responsible for coordination of talent initiatives across XIG centers worldwide
  • Ph.D. and M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston
  • certified Black Belt in Design for Lean Six Sigma; author of 11 refereed publications and 2 U.S. patents


Victoria Bellotti
  • Research Fellow and developer of PARC's Opportunity Discovery research and strategic investment targeting program
  • personal information management, task management; user-centered design of context- and activity-aware computing systems
  • Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction from Queen Mary and Westfield College; M.S. in Ergonomics, and B.S. in Psychology from University College, all within London University in the United Kingdom
  • 20 patents
  • awarded membership of the ACM SIGCHI Academy for her contributions to the field and professional community of Human Computer Interface



Mats Bergstrom
Mats Bergstrom
Managing Director of Agile Planning and Development

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  • Managing Director of Agile Planning and Development who oversees PARC’s strategy for new business opportunities, market analysis, portfolio management, and financial modeling
  • Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from Umea University, Sweden. 


Edgar Bernal
  • research interests include image and video processing, computer vision, 3D imaging and depth sensing, egocentric vision, compressive sensing, machine learning and deep learning
  • Ph.D. and M.S., Electrical Engineering, Purdue University
  • 35 patents, 76 patents pending


Julie Bert
  • electrical, mechanical, and software systems for a-Si flexible electronics 
  • superconductivity in novel materials and systems
  • Ph.D., Stanford University; B.A., Princeton University 


Dave Biegelsen
  • charter member of Xerox PARC
  • expertise includes acousto-optic interactions, electron spin resonance, disordered semiconductors, laser-induced thin-film crystallization, scanning tunneling microscopy, heteroepitaxial growth, and new fabrication methods and use of complex "smart matter" systems
  • over 100 US patents; Fellow of the APS


Eric Bier
  • helps knowledge workers use information and collaborate with each other
  • enterprise collaboration and content management, intelligence analysis, medical sensemaking, and historical collections
  • user interface software; techniques for sharing computers among multiple users; entity-based notebooks


Danny Bobrow
  • community knowledge sharing systems
  • natural language-based, broad-coverage system for question answering
  • over 100 published papers, books, and issued patents
  • President of AAAI; Editor-in-chief, Artificial Intelligence; ACM and AAAI fellow


Ross Bringans
Ross Bringans
Vice President, Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory

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  • directs novel electronics, MEMS, optoelectronic systems
  • infrastructure includes Si and optoelectronic fabrication lines for prototype devices
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • over 140 publications and 25 issued patents
  • previously Humboldt Fellow at Max-Planck-Institute for Semiconductor Research; research at Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Physics, Cambridge University



Orhan Bulan
  • conducts research in the areas of computer vision, domain adaptation, video-based object tracking, machine learning and video analytics
  • M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, B.S., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University
  • 10 patents, 20 published conference papers, 9 published high-impact journal papers


Aaron Burry
  • computer vision applications, video analytics, recognition and tracking and adaptive computer vision approaches
  • M.S. and B.S. Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 63 patents and 10 articles


Greg Burton

  • controls, robotics, planning
  • data visualization, CAD and solid modeling, GPU accelerated algorithms
  • was research engineer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company's Advanced Technology Center
  • M.S., Mechatronics and Control, U.C. Berkeley; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, U.C. San Diego