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Kyle Arakaki
Kyle Arakaki
Member of Technical Staff

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Norihisa Awamura
  • Ethnographer, trainer, and facilitator at PARC's Tokyo, Japan office
  • Innovation project experience in various fields including construction, project management in an IT company, and everyday life of consumers
  • Delivers PARC's innovation training


Raja Bala
  • explores the intersection of digital imaging, computer vision, and machine learning
  • 160 patents, over 100 scientific publications
  • Ph.D. and M.S., Electrical Engineering, Purdue University; B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington


Eugene Bart
  • high-level understanding and interpretation of images and has led to novel theories of human vision
  • applies computer vision and machine learning to the task of analyzing images of documents to enable computers to understand and interpret documents in the same ways humans can
  • BSc physics and computer science, Tel Aviv University; MSc, PhD computer science, Weizmann Institute


Eugene Beh
  • Energy technologies, organic chemistry, and making things work
  • Electrochemical desalination, electrochemical CO2 pumping, and functional materials for 3D-printing
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Stanford University; A.M., Chemistry, Harvard University; A.B, Chemistry and Physics, Harvard University


Morad Behandish
  • computational design; geometric modeling and computing; kinematics and spatial reasoning; human-computer interaction; protein engineering
  • functional and analytic methods for computer-aided design and manufacturing; interoperability; conceptual design; digital automation
  • postdoc on interoperability at ICSI (affiliated with UC Berkeley); Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UConn; M.Sc., Computer Science and Engineering, UConn; B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran.


Michael Benedict
  • Thermodynamics, magnetics, machine and systems design, product development
  • HSL polymer spray deposition, filament spray, distributed sensors
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of South Florida


Mats Bergstrom
Mats Bergstrom
Chief Financial Officer

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  • Financial management, planning and reporting
  • Previously Program Manager of Digital Design and Manufacturing Program and Managing Director, Global Business Operations
  • M.S., Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business; B.S., Business Administration and Economics, Umea University, Sweden. 


Julie Bert
  • electrical, mechanical, and software systems for a-Si flexible electronics 
  • superconductivity in novel materials and systems
  • Ph.D., Stanford University; B.A., Princeton University 


Dave Biegelsen
  • charter member of Xerox PARC
  • expertise includes acousto-optic interactions, electron spin resonance, disordered semiconductors, laser-induced thin-film crystallization, scanning tunneling microscopy, heteroepitaxial growth, and new fabrication methods and use of complex "smart matter" systems
  • over 100 US patents; Fellow of the APS


Eric Bier
  • helps knowledge workers use information and collaborate with each other
  • enterprise collaboration and content management, intelligence analysis, medical sensemaking, and historical collections
  • user interface software; techniques for sharing computers among multiple users; entity-based notebooks


Kelly Birmingham
Kelly Birmingham
Director of Business Development

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  • Diverse business development background for companies with emerging technologies and solutions, spanning mobile/consumer devices, IOT, semiconductors, components, platforms and beyond
  • Responsible for helping partners leverage PARC’s immense portfolio of capability, technology/IP, and services for innovating and creating success in rapidly changing landscapes
  • M.S. and B.S., Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University, California


Ross Bringans
Ross Bringans
Vice President, Director of Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory

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  • directs novel electronics, MEMS, optoelectronic systems
  • infrastructure includes Si and optoelectronic fabrication lines for prototype devices
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • over 140 publications and 25 issued patents
  • previously Humboldt Fellow at Max-Planck-Institute for Semiconductor Research; research at Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Physics, Cambridge University