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Vacuum steered-electron electric-field sensor

To be published in IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems



Formation of very low resistance contact for silicon photovoltaic cells

38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC)

3 June 2012


Digital lithographic processing for large-area electronics

Journal of the Society for Information Display

31 July 2007


Antifouling surface treatments for microfluidic applications

American Vacuum Society 53rd International Symposium and Exhibition

14 November 2006

Digital lithography for large-area electronics on flexible substrates

Journal of Non-crystalline Solids

15 June 2006

Traveling wave particle separation in fluidic cell

5th World Congress on Particle Technology

23 April 2006

Jet printing flexible displays

Materials Today

April 2006


Traveling wave bio-agent concentrator

3rd IEEE-EMBS Special Topic Conference on Microtechnology in Medicine and Biology

12 May 2005




other publications

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Electron spin resonance of pulsed plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited fluorocarbon films

Labelle, C. B.; Limb, S. J.; Gleason, K. K. Journal of Applied Physics. 1997; 82 (4): 1784-1787.

August 1997

Flexible fluorocarbon wire coatings by pulsed plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Limb, S. J.; Gleason, K. K.; Edell, D. J.; Gleason, E. F. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 1997; 15 (4): 1814 - 1818.

July 1997


Growth of fluorocarbon polymer thin films with high CF2 fractions and low dangling bond concentrations by thermal chemical vapor deposition

Limb, S. J.; Labelle, C. B.; Gleason, K. K.; Edell, D. J.; Gleason, E. F. Applied Physics Letters. 1996; 68 (20): 2810-2812.

May 1996