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clean water

cleantech, energy and clean water

Formation of very low resistance contact for silicon photovoltaic cells

38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC)

3 June 2012

general/ innovation/ corporate

Transient electronics based on frangible stress-engineered glass substrates

Government Microcircuit Applications & Critical Technology Conference (GomacTech)

20 March 2017

printed and flexible electronics

Jet printing flexible displays

Materials Today

April 2006




other publications

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Electron spin resonance of pulsed plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited fluorocarbon films

Labelle, C. B.; Limb, S. J.; Gleason, K. K. Journal of Applied Physics. 1997; 82 (4): 1784-1787.

August 1997

Flexible fluorocarbon wire coatings by pulsed plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Limb, S. J.; Gleason, K. K.; Edell, D. J.; Gleason, E. F. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 1997; 15 (4): 1814 - 1818.

July 1997


Growth of fluorocarbon polymer thin films with high CF2 fractions and low dangling bond concentrations by thermal chemical vapor deposition

Limb, S. J.; Labelle, C. B.; Gleason, K. K.; Edell, D. J.; Gleason, E. F. Applied Physics Letters. 1996; 68 (20): 2810-2812.

May 1996