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Additive jet printing of polymer thin-film transistors

Applied Physics Letters

8 September 2003

All additive ink jet printed backplanes for displays

34th Annual Northern California Electronic Materials Symposium

28 April 2006

All jet-printed polymer thin film transistor active-matrix backplanes (Invited talk)

American Chemical Society National Meeting

22 August 2004

All jet-printed polymer thin-film transistor active-matrix backplanes

Third Annual Printable Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition

9 November 2004

Amorphous silicon thin film transistor image sensors

Philosophical Magazine

October 2009

Amorphous silicon transistors and photodiodes

Book Chapter in Solar Cells and Their Applications


Analysis of drain currents during switching off a-Si:H thin film transistors

Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon Technology

14 April 1998

Band tails and polarons in organic solar cells

Organic Microelectronics & Optoelectronics Workshop VII

20 July 2011

Bias stress effects in organic thin film transistors

IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium

15 April 2007

A bookscanner for fragile books

PICS Conference

22 May 2001

Capilliary array electrophoresis bioprocessors

Solid State Sensor, Actuator and Microsystems Workshop

2 June 2002

Characterization of flexible image sensor arrays with bulk heterojunction organic photodiodes

SPIE Conference on Organic Field-Effect Transistors VII and Organic Semiconductors in Sensors and Bioelectronics

10 August 2008

Charge transport and recombination in organic solar cells

SPIE Optics and Photonics 2011

21 August 2011

Color aliasing free thin-film sensor array

Sensors and Actuators A

13 March 2006

Conducting polymers: the benefits of order

Nature Materials

1 March 2006

Contact effects in polymer transistors

Applied Physics Letters

7 October 2002

A decade of organic/polymeric photovoltaic research

to be published in Advanced Materials


Deep level defects in GaN characterized by capacitance transient spectroscopies

Materials Research Society 1995 Spring Meeting

17 April 1995

Defect identification in large area electronic backplanes

IEEE Journal of Display Technology

January 2009

Defect luminescence in CW laser-annealed silicon

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials


Defect luminescence in CW laser-annealed silicon

Journal of Applied Physics


Defect states in GaAs after rapid thermal annealing

Microscopic Identification of Electronic Defects in Semiconductors, MRS Proceedings Vol. 46


Deposition of a-Si:H thin films with a remote hydrogen plasma

Amorphous Silicon Technology--1989, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Vol. 149


Design and modelling of a Fourier spectrometer based on sampling a standing wave

Material Research Society Symposium Boston Fall 2001

26 November 2001

Determination of recombination mechanisms in organic solar cells

IEEE 35th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

21 June 2010

Digital lithographic processing for large-area electronics

Journal of the Society for Information Display

31 July 2007

Digital-lithographic processing for thin-film transistor array fabrication

Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors

31 December 2004

Disordered nanowire based photovoltaics

2011 MRS Spring Meeting

28 April 2011

Document scanning with page-sized amorphous silicon sensor arrays

OSA 1996 Symposium on Optics & Imaging in the Information Age

21 October 1996

Dopant and defect states in a-Si:H

Philosophical Magazine


Effects of mechanical stress on printed polymer-based TFTs on flexible display backplanes

2006 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Thin Films

30 July 2006

Effects of mechanical stress on printed polymer-based TFTs on flexible display backplanes

Materials Research Society, 2007 Spring Meeting

9 April 2007

Electron transport and conduction-band-tail states in a-Si:H deposited with a remote hydrogen plasma

Amorphous Silicon Technology -- 1993, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings


Electronic defect levels in plasma-deposited amorphous silicon

Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 73


Electronic transport in polycrystalline PbI2 films

Journal of Applied Physics

1 September 1999

Excimer laser processing for a-Si thin film transistors for imager applications

46th National Symposium of the American Vacuum Society

25 October 1999

Extended time bias stress effects in polymer transistors

Journal of Applied Physics

1 December 2006

Fine-feature patterning of giant-area flexible electronics by microcontact printing and digital lithography

Proceedings of the Spring 2005 Materials Research Society Meeting

28 March 2005

Flat panel detectors for high sensitivity x-ray imaging (Invited talk)

6th International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors (PSD6)

9 September 2002

Flat panel imagers based on excimer laser annealed, poly-Si thin film transistor technology

Spring 2001 Meeting of the Materials Research Society

16 April 2001

Flat panel medical imaging

APS News

1 November 2002

Flexible and printed electronics for displays and image sensors

The Future Prospect and Obstacles of Organic Electronics

25 February 2008

Flexible and printed electronics for displays and image sensors

The Future Prospects and Obstacles of Organic Electronics

25 February 2008

Flexible Electronics and Oral Biosensing

255th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA

18 March 2018

Flexible hybrid electronic circuits and systems

IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics (JETCAS)

15 August 2016

Flexible, large-area sensor circuits fabricated by additive printing

2012 NanoTechnology for Defense Conference

8 August 2012

Flexible, large-area sensor circuits fabricated by additive printing

2013 and Beyond: Flexible Electronics Symposium at TMS Annual Meeting

4 March 2013

High-resolution jet printing for fabrication of a Si:H thin film transistors and arrays

IMAPS Advanced Technology Workshop on Printing an Intelligent Future

8 March 2002

Hole transport in polycrystalline pentacene transistors

Applied Physics Letters

4 March 2002

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