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Rebecca Braynard

Rebecca Braynard's expertise is in distributed systems and networking, from protocol design to experimental evaluation. Her interests include adaptive, energy-efficient, and resource-constrained protocols, overlay networks, content-based routing, and medium access control. Rebecca described a novel approach to energy management for ad hoc sensor networks through an asynchronous, asymmetric, and adaptive duty-cycling medium access control protocol. She also collaborated with database researchers to achieve sensor network energy management goals through optimized application layer algorithms. Rebecca is motivated to develop protocols that are not only based on unique solutions and advance the state of the art, but also provide practical solutions for real-world problems. She completed her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.


PARC publications

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Custodian-based information sharing

IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on Information-Centric Networking

July 2012

Networking named content

Communications of the ACM

January 2012


Networking named content

CoNEXT 2009

December 2009


Context-aware packet switching in ad hoc networks

IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) 2008

15 September 2008