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John Hanley

John Hanley works on large software systems deployed in situations spanning the breadth of PARC's customers, from decision support to aerospace applications.  Prior to his current work in Embedded Reasoning, John contributed to a PARC and Xerox research effort aimed at retrieving documents from a personal library exactly when they become relevant.

Before joining PARC, John served as Manager of Internet Services at Oracle, and as Technical Yahoo at a well-known web portal, before going on to earn his Masters in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. After collaborating with several developers of new ether probes, John brings his experience back to the home of the Digital Intel Xerox blue book, the spec that brought networking to the masses.


PARC publications

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Multi-source anomaly detection: using across-domain and across-time peer-group consistency checks

Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications(JoWUA)

6 June 2014


Multi-domain information fusion for insider threat detection

2013 IEEE Workshop on Research for Insider Threat (WRIT)

24 May 2013


Placing qualitative reasoning in the design process

26th International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning

16 July 2012




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