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Nick Briggs

Nick Briggs is interested in the design, implementation, and deployment of distributed systems.  He is currently a principal contributor to the CCNx (Content-Centric Networking) code base.

Nick was previously a principal contributor to the Xerox DocuPrint NPS printer controller software, where he was responsible for the implementation of distributed real-time systems control and the implementation of application level network protocols and other networked facets of the system.

Nick also has experience in the design and implementation of a user interface design environment.  As the Trillium UI design tool "wizard", and software evangelist, he supported the Xerox Trillium user community.


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Custodian-based information sharing

IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on Information-Centric Networking

July 2012

Networking named content

Communications of the ACM

January 2012


Networking named content

CoNEXT 2009

December 2009





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NSF Announces Future Internet Architecture Awards
27 August 2010 | NSF press release



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Networking named content
2 December 2009 - 4 December 2009 | Rome, Italy  

VoCCN: voice over content-centric networks
1 December 2009 | Rome, Italy  



"Networking named Content"