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David M. Johnson


David M. Johnson joined PARC in late 2010 and currently leads the Advanced Manufacturing and Deposition Systems group within PARC.  The Advanced Manufacturing and Deposition Systems group focuses on innovative manufacturing and processing systems that can enhance the ability for both industrial and consumer processing of materials. This currently includes innovative high performance additive manufacturing systems, advanced battery manufacturing, thin film non-contact patterning, and a new spray system aimed at difficult to process materials.

At PARC, David has led and contributed to research efforts in additive manufacturing, printing systems, drug delivery, water filtration, electrocaloric cooling, and various other efforts in consumer and industrial applications.

Prior to joining PARC, David was a product engineer working in precision dispensing applications.  He has also worked in the water pump industry.  David received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in fluids and heat transfer from Cornell University in 2003.


PARC publications

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Filament Extension Atomizer

8 August 2016

PARC has developed the Filament Extension Atomizer (FEA) to address problems arising from difficult to spray materials. This technology is capable of spraying materials previously either difficult or impossible to spray for a wide range of applications including spray coating, particle creation, spray drying, drug delivery, or powder coatings.