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David M. Johnson


David M. Johnson joined PARC in late 2010.  His research is focused on multiphase microfluidic systems and their applications to printing technology and elsewhere.   David always strives to ensure that creative solutions are applied to solve even the most complex of problems.

Prior to joining PARC, David worked in the biotechnology sector for a liquid dispensing company.  He developed a handheld mechanical fluid-dispensing device that dispensed small volumes, through many channels simultaneously, with unprecedented accuracy.  He also spent extensive time studying small droplet formation and their impacts on accuracy and precision.

David has previously worked with high-pressure centrifugal pumps for residential and commercial wells and reverse osmosis filtration.  His development efforts included the adaptation of rapid prototyping into hydraulic test procedures, optimization of per stage performance, and applications at extreme pressures.

While working in industry, David cultivated extensive experience with a variety of manufacturing methods and strategies.  He has also designed and implemented long-term programs for the production of sheet metal, sand, and investment casting programs, as well as innovative just-in-time production methods using non-traditional manufacturing methods.

David received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in fluids and heat transfer from Cornell University in 2003.