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Ross Bringans
Vice President, Director of Electronic Materials and Devices Laboratory


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Creating the future of printed electronics

Flextech (FLEX2013)

29 January 2013


Characterization of AlGaInN heterostructures and laser diodes

In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers: From Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared II

26 January 1998

Material characterizations for III-Nitride based light emitters

SPIE Photonics West Symposium on Optoelectronics, Light-Emitting diodes: Research, Manufacturing, and Applications II

24 January 1998


Application of blue diode lasers to printing

Materials Research Society Symposium

1 December 1997

Visible laser diodes for printing

Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Laser Diodes and LED Applications III

1 February 1997


Characterization of OMVPE-grown AlGalnN heterostructures

Material Research Society Symposium III-V Nitrides

2 December 1996

Light sources for laser printing

Proceedings of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology

19 May 1996

Characterization of AlGaInN heterostructures grown by OMVPE

Electrochemical Society Meeting

5 May 1996

Dual wavelength laser by selective intermixing of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells

SPIE 1996 Symposium on Lasers and Integrated Optoelectronics

27 January 1996




Atomic scale structure of interfaces

MRS Symposium Proceedings vol. 159










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