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Bing Hsieh

Bing Hsieh is a Senior Member of Research Staff at the Electronic Materials and Devices Labs of The Palo Alto Research Center.  He is currently involved in developing printing plates for a new novel offset technology.

He has more than 25 years of experience in developing novel materials and formulations for printers, lithium batteries, and OLEDs.  His major technical accomplishments include (1) the development of a molecular semiconducting coating with stable controlled conductivity that lead to the demonstration of two new novel image-on-image xerographic printing technologies; (2) the invention of Lewis acid pigment solubilization/coating processes for fabrication of a wide range of organic optoelectronic devices; (3) the discovery of solid polymer electrolyte with state-of-the-art ionic conductivity that enabled the demonstration of solid-state Li polymer batteries with a low operation temperature of 50oC, and (4) the invention of a new class of soluble, high efficiency light-emitting conjugated polymers. 

He has more than 80 US patents, 100 publications, 50 invited presentations, and editor of two books on organic and polymeric materials.  He was named a Top 25 author in Conducting Polymers, based on total citation numbers during 1991-2000.  Bing Hsieh has a BS and MS in Chemistry (The Ohio State University) and PhD in Polymer Science (Case Western Researve University).  Although originally trained as a polymer scientist, he has embarked upon establishing himself as a generalist.


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From lab-scale ink-jet to mass-printed circuits

2013 Flextech Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference

29 January 2013




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