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Makiko Taniguchi

An anthropologist on PARC's ethnography services team, Makiko Taniguchi focuses on understanding user/consumer needs and behaviors in socio-cultural and business contexts. She is passionate about innovative solutions that improve the lives of many people, and specializes in innovation and emerging markets — especially China.

Prior to joining PARC, Makiko facilitated and consulted on several innovation strategy projects for large multinational corporations; worked for an innovation consultancy based in London; and worked at IDEO's Shanghai office where she developed her expertise on China. During her career, Makiko has conducted diverse ethnography-related projects — ranging from understanding subsidized healthcare needs and identifying innovation opportunities for RFID technology, to exploring the future of internet-enabled television and designing a service center for Singapore's government.

Dr. Taniguchi earned her Ph.D. and B.A. in Social Anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies at London University. She speaks Japanese, Mandarin, and English fluently. During her free time, Makiko enjoys yoga.





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