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Sylvia Smullin

With a broad experimental and problem-solving background and experience working with a wide array of tools, Sylvia is focused on developing better ways to manage, use, and produce energy and energy systems. PARC projects include energy analytics, development of novel cooling technologies, thermoacoustics, transportation analytics.

Prior to joining PARC, Sylvia worked with small companies developing novel clean energy solutions such as high altitude wind-power, a hybrid Stirling-thermoacoustic engine, and an adsorption chiller. In this work, she specialized in experimental design, data analysis, systems analysis, and modeling.

Dr. Smullin’s academic background is in experimental physics, with a focus on precision measurements. At Stanford, she measured gravity at short distances to test theories of extra dimensions. At Princeton, she developed highly sensitive atomic magnetometers for use in testing theories of new physics and more practical applications. Dr. Smullin earned her Ph.D. and M.S. in physics at Stanford University. She also received a M.Phil. from Cambridge University as a Churchill Scholar and B.S. from Brown University.





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Dr. Sylvia Smullin
23 May 2015 | Palo Alto, CA  

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13 May 2015