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Anurag Ganguli

Anurag Ganguli’s research interests are in the areas of control systems, robotics, and optimization. At PARC, he is currently working on developing device health management solutions for intelligent transportation systems.

Prior to joining PARC, Anurag was involved in developing the next-generation advanced driver assistance systems for cars and commercial vehicles at Delphi Corporation in Malibu, CA. Anurag also has had significant start-up experience with Utopia Compression Corporation in Los Angeles where he led the research and development efforts pertaining to the integration of unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace. He was instrumental in making key technological breakthroughs in the area of vision enabled collision avoidance for unmanned aircraft, and in successfully building a portfolio of AFRL and DARPA funded programs. Anurag's other research and development experiences are in the areas of mobile health and context-aware wireless networking.

Dr. Ganguli obtained his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. His doctoral research was at the intersection of control theory, robotics and computational geometry where he developed cooperative control algorithms to enable groups of simple robots with limited sensing and communication capabilities perform complex tasks in unison. He has two patents pending and has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and conferences. Anurag has been a finalist and the winner of the Student Best Paper Award competition at the American Control Conference for two years in a row, and was a Carver Research Fellow at the University of Illinois. 

Anurag is a movie buff and an avid sports fan. 


PARC publications

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Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors for In Situ and In-Operando Monitoring of Advanced Batteries

Proceeding for Material Research Society Fall Meeting 2014

24 April 2015


Automated fault detection in violation enforcement cameras within electronic toll collection systems

International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

6 October 2013