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Tomonori Honda

Tomonori Honda has broad experience in engineering design and big data modeling, specializing in formalizing design theory for complex systems. His main research areas include design for system reliability, prognosis, and maintenance scheduling; design synthesis for complex multidisciplinary systems; and behavioral design theory.

Prior to joining PARC, Tomonori served as a principal data scientist at Edmunds.com, where he led the modeling and analytics effort including reinforcement learning framework for real-time ads targeting using big data. He also worked as a junior analytics manager at Opera Solutions, where he explored different techniques to improve model performances and won an in-house modeling competition.

Dr. Honda received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California Institute of Technology and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.  He had continued his Ph.D. research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Postdoctroal Scholar and Research Scientist for several years. He has published over 25 papers in journals and peer-reviewed conferences. He has also won the 2013 JALA Ten Award from Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) and the 2013 ASME Design Theory and Methodology Best Paper Award.


PARC publications

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A Simulation and Modeling based Reliability Requirement Assessment Methodology

26th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology (DTM)

17 August 2014

Model-Based Approach for Optimal Maintenance Strategy

Second European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2014

8 July 2014




other publications

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Connections Between the Design Tool, Design Attributes, and User Preferences in Early Stage Design

Anders Haggman, Geoff Tsai, Catherine Elsen, Tomonori Honda, and Maria C. Yang ASME Journal of Mechanical Design

March 2015

Comparison of information passing strategies in system-level modeling.

Tomonori Honda, Francesco Ciucci, Kemper E. Lewis, and Maria C. Yang. AIAA Journal

January 2015


A linguistic approach to assess the dynamics of design team preference in concept selection.

Andy Dong, Somwrita Sarkar, Maria C. Yang, and Tomonori Honda Research in Engineering Design

January 2014


A study of student design team behaviors in complex system design.

Jesse Austin-Breneman, Tomonori Honda and Maria C. Yang ASME Journal of Mechanical Design

December 2012

Approaches for identifying consumer preferences for the design of technology products: a case study of residential solar panels.

Heidi Q. Chen, Tomonori Honda and Maria C. Yang ASME Journal of Mechanical Design

June 2013

Chemisorption on semiconductors: the role of quantum corrections on the space charge regions in multiple dimensions.

Francesco Ciucci, Carlo de Falco, Marcelo I. Guzman, Sara Lee, and Tomonori Honda Applied Physics Letters

May 2013


An approach to the extraction of preference-related information from design team language.

Haifeng Ji, Maria C. Yang, and Tomonori Honda Research in Engineering Design

April 2012

An information passing strategy for achieving pareto optimality in the design of complex systems.

Francesco Ciucci, Tomonori Honda and Maria C. Yang Research in Engineering Design

January 2012


A study of the role of user-centered design methods in design team projects.

Justin Lai, Tomonori Honda and Maria C. Yang Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

August 2010




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