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Jessy Rivest

Jessy Rivest manages the Energy Materials & Systems group in the Hardware Systems Laboratory, which seeks to impact the way energy is produced, managed, and utilized through a diverse set of projects leveraging interfacial materials and systems engineering. This includes chemical and electrical energy storage technologies; materials for lightweight vehicles; and electrochemical carbon capture. Work in Jessy's group is funded by both government agencies and progressive commercial partners.

Jessy has studied the materials science of energy technologies for more than a decade, developing novel kerfless wafering equipment for silicon solar cells (in industry), self-assembly methods for achieving heterostructured thin film photovoltaics and batteries (in academia), and new surface chemistries to tune the properties of nanocrystals and inorganic films (in a national lab).  Her work encompasses the lifecycle of materials advancement: materials design, development, characterization, and manufacturing systems engineering.

Dr. Rivest holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and an S.B. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She has authored publications garnering over 600 citations, and has been honored with an Intel Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Fellowship, and as a competitor at the International (robot) Design Competition (Osaka, Japan).  She currently serves on the User Executive Committee of The Molecular Foundry and on the editorial board of the journal Frontiers in Energy Research.




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Phosphonic Acid Adsorbates Tune the Surface Potential of TiO2 in Gas and Liquid Environment

Rivest, J.B.; Li, G.; Sharp, I.D.; Neaton, J.B.; Milliron, D.J. J. Phys. Chem. Lett.


Evolution of Ordered Metal Chalcogenide Architectures through Chemical Transformations

Rivest, J.B.; R Buonsanti, TE Pick, L Zhu, E Lim, C Clavero, E Schaible, BA Helms, DJ Milliron J. Am. Chem. Soc.


Cation exchange on the nanoscale:an emerging technique for new material synthesis, device fabrication, and chemical sensing

Rivest, J.B.; Jain, P.K. Chem Soc Rev


Observation of Transient Structural-Transformation Dynamics in a Cu2S Nanorod

Zheng, H.; Rivest, J.B.; Miller, T.A.; Sadtler, B.; Lindenberg, A.; Toney, M.F.; Wang, L.; Kisielowski, C.; Alivisatos, A.P. Science

Aligned Monolayer Nanorod Heterojunctions

Rivest, J.B.; Swisher, S. L.; Fong, L.K.; Zheng, H.M.; Alivisatos, A.P. ACS Nano

Size Dependence of a Temperature-Induced Solid-Solid Phase Transition in Copper(I) Sulfide

Rivest, J.B.; Fong, L.K.; Jain, P.K.; Toney, M.F.; Alivisatos, A.P. J Phys Chem Lett


Device-Scale Perpendicular Alignment of Colloidal Nanorods

Baker, J.L.; Widmer-Cooper A.; Toney, M. F.; Geissler, P. L.; Alivisatos, A. P. Nano Letters

Quantification of thin film crystallographic orientation using X-ray diffraction with an area detector

Baker, J.L.; Jimison, L.H.; Mannsfeld, s.; Volkman, S.; Yin, S.; Subramanian, V.; Salleo, A.; Alivisatos, A.P.; Toney, M.F. Langmuir

Modular inorganic nanocomposites by conversion of nanocrystal superlattices

Tangirala, R.; Baker, J.L.; Alivisatos, A.P.; Milliron, D.J. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


Alternative geometries for increasing power density in vibration energy scavenging for wireless sensor networks

Baker, J., Roundy, S., Wright, P. Third International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference,, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Improving Power Output for Vibration-Based Energy Scavengers

Roundy, S., Leland E.S., Baker J., Carleton E., Reilly E., Lai E., Otis B., Rabaey J.M., and Wright P.K. IEEE Pervasive Computing







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