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Achieving Differential Privacy in Secure Multiparty Data Aggregation Protocols on Star Networks

ACM Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy

22 March 2017


Matrix factorization-based clustering of image features for bandwidth-constrained information retrieval

International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Workshop on Emerging Multimedia Systems and Applications

11 July 2016


Privacy Preserving Data Quality Assessment

ACM Workshop on Information Sharing and Collaborative Security (WISCS)

3 November 2014

The State of the Art in Privacy Technologies


16 September 2014

A Fuzzy Commitment Approach to Privacy Preserving Behavioral Targeting

Workshop on Security and Privacy aspects of Mobile Environments (SPME 2014)

11 September 2014

Standardization of Biometric Template Protection

IEEE Multimedia Magazine

15 August 2014




other publications

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Secure Biometrics: Concepts Authentication Architectures & Challenges

Rane S.; Wang Y.; Draper S.C.; Ishwar P.. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. Vol. 30 (5): 51--64.

Privacy-Preserving Nearest Neighbor Methods

Rane S.; Boufounos P. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. Vol. 30 (2): 18--28.

Privacy-Preserving Speech Processing

Pathak M.; Raj B.; Rane S.; Smaragdis P. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. Vol. 30 (2): 62--74.


A Theoretical Analysis of Authentication, Privacy and Reusability Across Secure Biometric Systems

Wang Y.; Rane S.; Draper S. C.; Ishwar P. IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security, Vol. 7 (6): 1825--1840


Securing Biometric Data

Vetro A.; Draper S. C.; Rane S.; Yedidia J. S. Distributed Source Coding - Theory and Applications, P. L. Dragotti and M. Gastpar Eds., ISBN-13: 978-0-12-374485-2, Elsevier Academic Press, 2009


Systematic Lossy Error Protection of Video Signals

Rane S.; Baccichet P.; Girod B. IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 18 (10): 1347-1360


High-Rate Quantization and Transform Coding with Side Information at the Decoder

Rebello-Monedero D.; Rane S.; Aaron A.; Girod B. EURASIP Signal Processing Journal, Special Issue on Distributed Source Coding, Invited paper, (86): 3160-3179


Distributed Video Coding

Girod B.; Aaron A.; Rane S.; Rebello-Monedero D. Proceedings of the IEEE, Special Issue on Advances in Video Coding and Delivery, Invited Paper, Vol. 93, (1): 71-83


Structure and Texture Filling-in of missing image blocks for Wireless Transmission and for Compression Applications

Rane S.; Bertalmio M.; Sapiro G. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, Vol. 12 (3): 296-303