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Cristina Gaitán

Cristina Gaitán is a cross disciplinary user experience and environmental designer, and researcher, embracing design as a social, participatory practice. With experience in architectural, visual and interactive design processes, Cristina designs products, services, information graphics, and environments to create roadmaps for future technologies, technological experiences and holistic brand experiences.

Prior to joining PARC, Cristina was a designer in several spatial and visual design firms, as well as a design educator. She leverages a variety of analog and digital processes to solve design problems and create seamless technological interactions in the human experience.

Cristina received an MFA in Interaction Design from the California College of the Arts and a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Virginia. Her graduate thesis, Ecological Imagination, posits processes for behavior change around (re)connecting with ecology in the anthropocene and methodologies for integrating notions of deep time and space into public understanding.





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