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Warren Jackson

Warren’s research interests are in large area, inexpensive, flexible electronics such as amorphous silicon and metal oxide devices.  He is interested in using machine learning near the sensors and actuators to enable adaptive data acquisition and actuation for control systems, low-cost, low-energy sensing, adaptable MEMS devices, and new imaging methods for biological and robotics applications. 

His previous work at Hewlett Packard Laboratories includes resistive RAM, memory side accelerators, roll-to-roll imprinted electronics, model predictive control, and 3D imaging for immersive experiences. He also developed methods for task-based evaluation image quality and human vision modeling for image system design, hype redundant control systems, smart sensors, and investigation of instabilities in amorphous solar cells.

Warren has over 250 publications and 100 granted patents.  He is a Fellow of the American Physics Society and Senior Member of the IEEE.  He was a Distinguished Technologist at HP Labs and received a number of best paper awards in printed electronics and hydrogen in silicon.

Dr. Jackson holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in physics from University of California at Berkeley, and a B.S. in Physics, Math, and Applied Math from Stanford.




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Hydrogen migration in polycrystalline silicon

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Electrical Testing of roll-to-roll SAIL manufactured flexible display backplanes,

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Roll-to-roll fabrication and metastability in metal oxide transistors

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Metastability in multicomponent oxide transistors

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Transition Metal Oxide Electronics and Imprint Lithography

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Large area flexible electronics fabricated using self-aligned imprint lithography

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Hardware synthesis of explicit model predictive controllers

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Displacement sensing and estimation theory and applications

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High performance flexible zinc tin oxide field-effect transistors

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Write-once diode/antifuse memory element with a sol-gel silica antifuse cured at low temperature

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A polymer/semiconductor write-once read-many-times memory;

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Force allocation in a large-scale distributed active surface

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Collaborative design of modular electromechanical systems with distributed controls

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Distributed resource allocation for smart matter using decentralized analog computation and communication

MEMS-Vol. 1, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) – 1999 ASME pp 157-162


Hierarchical Control Architecture for Paper Transport,

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Determination of the hydrogen density of states in amorphous hydrogenated silicon

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Evaluation of Human vision Models for Predicting Human-Observer Performance

Jackson, W. B., Said, M. R., Jared, D. A., Larimer, J. O., Gille, J. L., Lubin, J.; Medical Imaging 1997: Image Perception Vol 3036, p. 64-73,


X-ray image system design using a human visual model.

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Light-induced creation of metastable paramagnetic defects in hydrogenated polycrystalline silicon

Nickel, N. H.; Jackson, W. B.; Johnson, N. M. Physical Review Letters; 1993 October 71(17) : 2733-2736.







Warren Jackson

  • Sensor actuator based machine learning
  • Large area printed electronics
  • Metal oxide electronics
  • Many sensor actuator control systems
  • Task based system design
  • 100 patents
  • 250 publications
  • Fellow APS
  • PhD, MS, Physics, UC Berkeley