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Raj Apte

A Principal Scientist at PARC, Raj B. Apte also manages the Prototype Devices and Circuits team. His current work focuses on materials, fabrication, circuits, and systems using a-Si, p-Si, and novel inorganic semiconductors. Raj has 37 issued U.S. patents and 76 publications in the areas of spread spectrum coding, semiconductor lasers, micromachined light valves, micromachined displays, scanners, x-ray imaging components, amorphous and polysilicon circuits and systems, printed organic electronics, active matrix testing, and large-area acoustics. Technologies Raj has worked on have been licensed to Xerox, dpiX, Sony, Cypress, UniPixel, UltraScan, and Stanford University.

Dr. Apte earned his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and received his B.S. degree summa cum laude with distinction from U.C. Berkeley. He is also a nationally recognized amateur brewer/cider-maker/vintner who has presented papers on wood aging and micro-oxygenation of beer, Flemish sour ales, and the modern revival of Ward's Gingerbeer Plant.


PARC publications

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Flexible radiation detectors

FlexTech 2012; Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference

9 February 2012


Flexible and printed electronics for sensors, displays and photovoltaics

International Workshop on Flexible and Printed Electronics

8 September 2010


Defect identification in large area electronic backplanes

IEEE Journal of Display Technology

January 2009


Flexible and printed electronics for displays and image sensors

The Future Prospects and Obstacles of Organic Electronics

25 February 2008

Flexible and printed electronics for displays and image sensors

The Future Prospect and Obstacles of Organic Electronics

25 February 2008



Toolset for printed electronics

International Conference on Digital Fabrication Technologies (DF 2006)

17 September 2006

Printed polymer-based TFTs for flexible display backplanes

USDC Flexible Display & Microelectronics Conference

7 February 2006


Printed organic electronics

Chapter in Flexible Flat Panel Displays



All jet-printed polymer thin-film transistor active-matrix backplanes

Third Annual Printable Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition

9 November 2004

Print-patterned polymer-semiconductor and amorphous silicon active-matrix display

USDC Third Annual Flexible Displays and Microelectronics Conference

10 February 2004




Morphological and electronic structure study of pentacene thin film transistors

SPIE Symposium on Organic Field Effect Transistors

29 July 2001

MEMS fabrication technology applied to large area x-ray image sensor arrays

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology

1 June 2001

Photoconductivity of small molecule organic transistors

MRS Spring Meeting 2001

16 April 2001


Matrix-addressed x-ray detector arrays (Invited paper)

Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray and Neutron Detector Physics II

31 July 2000

High resolution, direct detection x-ray imagers

SPIE Medical Imaging 2000

13 February 2000



Large-area, low-noise amorphous silicon imaging system

Electronic Imaging '98

26 January 1998



Two dimensional amorphous silicon image sensor arrays

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids

2 May 1996

Progress towards a high-resolution x-ray photon counter

MRS Spring Meeting 1996

8 April 1996


Large-area imaging with amorphous silicon photodiode arrays

1995 Semiconductor Device Research Symposium

6 December 1995

Large area amorphous silicon x-ray imagers

9th International Workshop on Room Temperature Semiconductor X-ray Detectors

18 September 1995

Large format A-Si:H 2 dimensional arrays as imaging devices

IEEE Workshop on CCDS and Advanced Image Sensors

20 April 1995

Two dimensional amorphous silicon image sensor arrays

MRS Symposium Proceedings 1995

1 April 1995

Large format a-Si:H 2-dimensional arrays as imaging devices

Optical Society of Northern California Meeting

17 January 1995