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Noble Johnson
Research Fellow


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NMOS logic circuits in laser-crystallized silicon on quartz

Energy Beam-Solid Interactions and Transient Thermal Processing, MRS Symposium Proceedings vol. 23


A novel concept for on-chip flow cytometry with improved signal-to-noise-ratio and "alignment-free" optics

ISAC XXIV International Congress 2008, Cytometry in the Age of Systems Biology

17 May 2008

Nucleation mechanism of hydrogen-induced platelets in single crystal and polycrystalline silicon

20th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors

26 July 1999

Observations on the limits to p-type doping in ZnSe

Applied Physics Letters

22 August 1994

On-chip wavelength detection

DARPA Microsystems Technology Symposium

4 March 2007

On-the-flow characterizaion of cells based on native fluroescence spectroscopy

ISAC XXIV International Congress 2008, Cytometry in the Age of Systems Biology

17 May 2008

Optical polarization of UV-A and UV-B (In)(Al)GaN multiple quantum well light emitting diodes

Gallium Nitride Materials & Devices VI at SPIE Photonics West 2011

22 January 2011

Optically pumped UV lasers grown on bulk AlN substrates

physica status solidi c

February 2012

Optically-heated zone crystal growth of silicon thin films on amorphous substrates

Silicon-on-Insulator: Its Technology and Applications


Performance and optical gain characteristic of InGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes.

International Conference on Luminescense and Optical Gain Spectroscopy (ICL)

23 August 1999

Performance characteristics of cw InGaN multiple-quantum-well laser diodes

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting

1 April 2001

Phase separation in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells

Applied Physics Letters

6 April 1998

Phase separation in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells

Materials Research Society Symposium

1 December 1997

Photoconduction in thin-film transistors fabricated from laser-crystallized silicon on fused quartz

Semiconductor-on-Insulator and Thin-film Transistor Technology, MRS Proceedings Vol. 53


Photodepopulation-induced ESR measurement of deep gap states in a-Si:H

Proceedings of AIP Conference on Optical Effects in Amorphous Semiconductors

August 1984

Physical properties of ion-implanted SEM-annealed silicon

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials


Picosecond optical determination of carrier lifetime in polysilicon films

Polysilicon Films and Interfaces, MRS Symposium Proceedings, vol. 106


Processing and properties of CW laser-recrystallized silicon films on amorphous substrates

Laser and Electron-Beam Solid Interactions and Materials Processing


Progress in the preparation of aluminum nitride substrates from bulk crystals

MRS Spring Meeting 2002 Symposium Proceedings

1 April 2002

Raman spectroscopic evaluation of silicides formed with a scanned electron beam

Laser and Electron-Beam Solid Interactions and Materials Processing


Raman studies of structural defects in vitreous SiO2 and GeO2

The Physics of SiO2 and Its Interfaces


Scanning CW-laser-induced crystallization of silicon on amorphous substrates

Laser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials


Scanning electron beam annealing with a modified SEM

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology


Self-limiting oxidation of Si nano-wires

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B

November/December 1993

Semi-polar nitride surfaces and heterostructures

physica status solidi (b)

March 2011

Silicon quantum wires -- oxidation and transport studies

Microcrystalline Semiconductors -- Materials Science and Devices, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings


Silver-clad nitride semiconductor laser diode

Applied Physics Letters

26 January 2009

Small-signal admittance of forward-biased a-Si:H p-i-n diodes by time domain analysis

Amorphous and Microcrystalline Silicon Technology

14 April 1998

Solid-source doping of hydrogenated amorphous silicon

Philosophical Magazine Letters


Spatial profiling of electron traps in silicon nitride thin films

Journal of Applied Physics

15 November 1990

Spectroscopy of hydrogen-related complexes in GaP:Zn

Applied Physics Letters

24 October 1994

Spiral-shaped microcavity laser: a new class of semiconductor laser

Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

26 July 2004

The structure of the boron-hydrogen complex in silicon

Defects in Electronic Materials, MRS Proceedings Series, vol. 104


Thickness dependence of electronic properties of GaN epi-layers

1996 Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society

2 December 1996

Thin film transistors in CO2-laser crystallized silicon films on fused silica

Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Symposium on Laser-Solid Interactions and Transient Thermal Processing of Materials


Thin-film transistors on a-Si:H

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices


Tunable electroabsorption and electroluminescence in GaAs doping superlattices

Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Quantum Well and Superlattice Physics


Ultraviolet AlGaN multiple quantum well laser diodes

Applied Physics Letters

23 June 2003

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Thermal aging of Al thin films on GaAs

Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology

July 1976









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