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Danny Bobrow
  • community knowledge sharing systems
  • natural language-based, broad-coverage system for question answering
  • over 100 published papers, books, and issued patents
  • President of AAAI; Editor-in-chief, Artificial Intelligence; ACM and AAAI fellow


Soichiro Iga
  • extensive experience in integrating technology-centric innovation and human-centered innovation, leveraging ethnographic approaches
  • applications include electronic whiteboard systems, RFID systems, tabletop computer systems, remote collaboration systems, among others
  • Ph.D. and master's degree from Keio University


Yali Wang

specializes in the fields of IP layer wireless routing and MAC layer for mobile ad hoc networks

previously held engineering roles at Raytheon, Nokia, and Oracle

M.S., Mathematics, Stanford University; M.S., Computer Information Science; Temple University; M.S. and Ph.D., Computer Engineering, University of California at Santa Cruz