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Ramesh Ayyagari
  • expertise in architecting software and hardware for high speed routing platforms
  • B.S., Electronics and Communication Engineering, Osmania University, India.


Tim Curley
Tim Curley
Senior Director of Business Development

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  • focusing on drug delivery, contextual intelligence, and more
  • develops commercial partnerships and creates routes to revenue opportunities
  • developed partner and go-to-market strategies for startup and Fortune 1000 companies
  • MBA, Strategy, Pepperdine University


Kevin Fox
  • focuses on deploying systems technology into practical domains. Currently working on networking and distributed system technologies
  • previously a senior staff systems engineer at Sun Microsystems where he held various technical and business development positions
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree in computer science, communication, and visual arts from the University of Iowa
  • inventor on four patents


Priti Goel
  • expertise in architecting, implementing, and leading software projects in the networking industry
  • M. S., Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Eric Holmberg
  • Content-Centric Technology for service provider networks
  • router and switch design
  • high-speed data plane hardware and software
  • author or co-author of 3 patents
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, UCLA; B.S., Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley


John Knights
John Knights
Senior Director of Business Development

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  • broad operational experience in product development, marketing, and manufacturing
  • expertise in intellectual property transactions and technology transfer
  • clients included corporate research laboratories in the U.S. and Europe; major Taiwanese and Japanese high-technology companies
  • executive positions in companies such as LiveWorks, Inc. and Versatec
  • initiated PARC research into a-Si
  • Ph.D., solid state physics


Teresa Lunt
Teresa Lunt
Vice President, Content-Centric Networking

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  • Vice President, Content-Centric Networking
  • previously Vice President, PARC's Computer Science Laboratory
  • was an Assistant Director and Program Manager in DARPA's Information Technology Office; led teams at SRI International
  • M.A., Applied Mathematics, Indiana University, A.B., Geophysics, Princeton University


Conny Marx
Conny Marx
Senior Director of Business Development

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  • focus on commercializing PARC’s technology in areas of Network Distributed Systems and Digital Design & Manufacturing
  • more than 25 years of international experience in both traditional and high tech industries
  • Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur from Hochschule für Technik in Esslingen, Germany.


Glenn Scott
  • focus on networking and distributed systems projects, contributing primarily to Content-Centric Networking
  • former senior researcher for Oracle Labs, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, and System Development Corporation
  • inventor and author on more than 30 patents and peer-reviewed papers


Ersin Uzun
Ersin Uzun
Vice President, Computing Science Laboratory

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  • Vice President, Computing Science Laboratory
  • directs research programs in next-generation networking technologies, network security, data privacy and human-computer interactions
  • leads innovation services offerings including rapid prototyping, design thinking, ethnographic studies, innovation management and commercialization strategy
  • Ph.D., UC Irvine, Computer Scienced; M.S., UC Irvine, Networked Systems