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Kevin Fox
Kevin Fox
Senior Technical Staff Member

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  • focuses on deploying systems technology into practical domains. Currently working on networking and distributed system technologies
  • previously a senior staff systems engineer at Sun Microsystems where he held various technical and business development positions
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree in computer science, communication, and visual arts from the University of Iowa
  • inventor on four patents


Christian Fritz
  • applies AI planning & KR to real-world problems
  • semantic workflows, cognitive robotics, ubicomp
  • specializes highly dynamic, open-world environments
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto



Anurag Ganguli
  • Fleet health management, intelligent transportation systems
  • Driver assistance systems, autonomous collision avoidance for unmanned vehicles
  • Control theory, robotics, and optimization
  • Ph. D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.


J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
  • ad hoc networking and wireless networking
  • General Chair or Program Chair of multiple conferences
  • more than 400 papers and 35 patents
  • IEEE and ACM Fellow; IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award 2011


Sean Garner
  • Global Director of Hardware Technologies
  • experience in optics, electronics, micromechanical systems, microfabrication, vacuum, cryogenics
  • Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University



Gaurang Gavai
  • applications in embedded reasoning and machine learning with a focus on social network data analysis and technical infrastructure development therein
  • Master's in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning, Georgia Institute of Technology; Bachelor's in Information Technology, University of Mumbai


Leilani Gilpin
  • research interests include algorithms, machine learning, network and systems analysis, and computational geometry
  • currently working on fraud analysis and anomaly detection in healthcare
  • M.S., Computational and Mathematical Engineering, Stanford University; B.S. in Computer Science and in Mathematics (with honors) and a music minor, UC San Diego


James Glasnapp
  • evaluation, planning, behavioral theory, modeling, requirement analysis, competency transfer, advertising, and public health
  • ethnography for healthcare, distributed workplaces, human-display interaction
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley



Priti Goel
  • expertise in architecting, implementing, and leading software projects in the networking industry
  • M. S., Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


John Alexis Guerra Gómez
  • researches information visualization, usability and accessibility, social networks, and human computer interaction
  • develops interactive information visualization interfaces to allow users to extract insights out of datasets
  • B.S. in Computer Science, Universidad Tecnlógica de Pereira in Colombia; Msc and Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Maryland at College Park


David Gunning
  • directs artificial intelligence and predictive analytics focused on the enterprise
  • anomaly and fraud detection, contextual intelligence, recommendation systems, and tools for smart organizations 
  • developing rich, predictive user models
  • M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University; M.S. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Dayton; B.S. in Psychology from Otterbein College


John Hanley
  • modeling complex business processes for decision support system
  • relevance-based document retrieval from personal library
  • usability of large software systems
  • M.S., Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University


Alex Hegyi
  • applies PARC’s spatial modulation technology to outstanding problems in biodetection
  • expertise include biophotonics, optical detection systems, and magnetic resonance
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley; B.S. with Honors and Distinction in Physics from Stanford University
  • 12 patents


Laura Hill
Laura Hill
Information Architect

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Information Architect for Content-Centric Networking (CCN)

previously held senior management positions at Sun Microsystems Laboratories, HP Labs and Oracle Labs

MS in Physics, M.I.T; BA in Physics from Reed College; MLIS, San Jose State University


Eric Holmberg
Eric Holmberg
Sr. Member of Technical Staff

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  • Content-Centric Technology for service provider networks
  • router and switch design
  • high-speed data plane hardware and software
  • author or co-author of 3 patents
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, UCLA; B.S., Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley


Stephen Hoover
  • specializes in integrating technology, market, customer, and business opportunities
  • Ph.D., M.S., Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University



Gabriel Iftime
Gabriel Iftime
Member of Research Staff

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  • functional materials synthesis and formulation for 3D printing and energy applications
  • advanced composite polymeric materials; colloidal particles synthesis
  • over 120 U.S. patents; 17 journal articles
  • Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, Université Paris XI, France


Soichiro Iga
  • extensive experience in integrating technology-centric innovation and human-centered innovation, leveraging ethnographic approaches
  • applications include electronic whiteboard systems, RFID systems, tabletop computer systems, remote collaboration systems, among others
  • Ph.D. and master's degree from Keio University


Noble Johnson
  • guided team that has developed laser diodes and light emitting diodes in the visible and UV spectral regions and made major contributions to fundamental understanding of the material and devices
  • over 420 research papers in technical journals and conference proceedings and more than 50 patents
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society and IEEE
  • Ph.D., Princeton University


Walt Johnson
Walt Johnson
Vice President, Director of the New York site

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  • directs PARC's ISL research organization, which focuses on social software, cyberphysical systems to control complex processes, agent-based modeling and simulation of complex work environments
  • as a scientist, specialized in intelligent interfaces for mobile and ubiquitous computing applications
  • worked at Silicon Graphics; Uppercase Inc. (acquired by Microsoft); 12 Entrepreneuring; Skygrid
  • Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, University of Pittsburgh




John Kemp
  • information security officer
  • infrastructure technology manager


Peter Kiesel
  • nitride based light emitters, ultra sensitive detection systems
  • flow cytometry for biomedical applications
  • over 60 issued and pending patents and 100 publications


Matthew Klenk
  • qualitative reasoning, machine learning, planning, intelligent agents, spatial reasoning
  • worked in U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University EECS


John Knights
John Knights
Senior Director of Business Development

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  • broad operational experience in product development, marketing, and manufacturing
  • expertise in intellectual property transactions and technology transfer
  • clients included corporate research laboratories in the U.S. and Europe; major Taiwanese and Japanese high-technology companies
  • executive positions in companies such as LiveWorks, Inc. and Versatec
  • initiated PARC research into a-Si
  • Ph.D., solid state physics


Sricharan Kumar
  • focuses on statistical machine learning and data mining methods for anomaly detection and pattern recognition in multivariate, temporal, and relational data
  • research interests include statistics, machine learning, data mining, and signal processing with specific focus on ensemble methods and large sample estimation theory
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Systems in 2012, M.A. in Statistics in 2011, and M.S. in Electrical Engineering: Systems in 2009, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He also received his B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras in 2006.


Mike Kuniavsky
  • user experience designer, researcher, and author 
  • with more than 20 years experience, designs products, business processes, and services at the leading edge of technological change
  • Co-founder of ThingM and Adaptive Path
  • Dual major B.S./B.A. in Computer Science and Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan


Tolga Kurtoglu
Tolga Kurtoglu
Vice President, Director of System Sciences Lab (SSL)

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  • Vice President, System Sciences Lab (SSL)
  • Directs research programs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, control, planning, optimization, and high performance analytics for cyber-physical systems
  • Leading business development, strategy, execution, and technology commercialization for a portfolio of product and service offerings
  • previously at NASA Ames Research Center and Dell Corporation
  • PhD, UT Austin, MS, Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering