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Mandana Veiseh
  • bridges engineering and nanotechnology to translational biosciences
  • currently focused on developing biohybrid micro-/nano-systems for healthcare and leveraging PARC discoveries to new biomedical and environmental applications
  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering and Nanotechnology, University of Washington; BSc. and MSc., Textile Chemistry Engineering, Tehran Polytechnic and Isfahan University of Technology


Janos Veres
  • flexible, printed, and hybrid electronics from development to commercialization
  • disruptive device and process technologies based on printing and coating
  • expert in the physics of organic semiconductor materials
  • PhD, Solid State Electronics, Imperial College


Jesse Vig

  • intersection of machine learning, social computing, and human-computer interaction
  • builds systems that learn from the collective behavior of users
  • designs intelligent interfaces driven by discovered knowledge
  • best paper awards at Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Minnesota; BA, Mathematics, Oberlin College


Erik Vinkhuyzen
  • video-based ethnographic studies in great variety of settings
  • focuses on ways participants sequentially and multimodally organize their actions
  • Ph.D. from the University of Zurich in Switzerland


Armin Volkel



  • manipulation of micron-sized particles
  • novel barrier-free particle separator for water treatment applications
  • expert in modeling and simulation of complex physical systems
  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • over 65 patents issued and pending




Yali Wang
Yali Wang
Member of Technical Staff

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Yunda Wang
  • extensive background in MEMS fabrication and microsystems integration
  • currently focusing on the development of advanced MEMS structures
  • Ph.D. degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder; M.Eng. degree  from Peking University, Beijing; B.Eng. degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University


Gregory Whiting
  • novel applications, fabrication, and patterning methods for electronic devices that can be processed from solution
  • materials science and surface chemistry for thin-film devices
  • B.S., UC Berkeley; Ph.D., Cambridge University


Aaron Wilson
  • research lies within the field of machine learning where he has focused on automated decision making, active learning, inference, and reasoning
  • currently working on active learning, behavior analysis, and relational analysis to support anomaly detection
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Oregon State University


Thomas Wunderer
  • LEDs based on group III-nitrides
  • 4 patents, 30+ journal publications, 60 conferences
  • VDI sponsorship award
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering




Rong Yang
Rong Yang
Member of Research Staff

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  • Rong Yang's research includes the field of multi-agent systems. 
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Southern California, M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Ohio State University, and B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University 


G. Michael Youngblood
  • interactive systems researcher, designer, architect, and builder
  • currently focuses on mobile computing platforms and interactive artificial intelligence systems to facilitate positive behavior change in individual and social contexts
  • Ph.D.,  M.S., and Honors B.S., Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington