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The changing model: Moving technologies from research to applications
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2010 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference

2 February 2010
Phoenix, Arizona, USA



What has to change in the lab-to-market model when there is disruptive change in technologies or markets, such as that now being driven by flexible electronics?

Typical lab-to-market models using primarily internal resources can respond well to incremental market or technology changes, and can also be optimized for rapid development cycles. However, they do NOT handle major disruptions in markets or technologies because too many pieces of the ecosystem have to change simultaneously.

Based on PARC's experience across a range of technologies and industries which has resulted in over 30 new businesses, Mark Bernstein, CEO of PARC, shares some lessons learned and recommendations for addressing the challenges raised by disrupted lab-to-market ecosystems.

This presentation covers: (1) how companies can create an early warning system, bring in outside expertise/ open innovation partners, and position themselves flexibly for new near- and long-term opportunities; (2) specific case studies; and (3) PARC’s view of the ecosystem framework for developing products based on flexible electronics.

More about the event at: www.parc.com/flextech2010


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