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Enthalpy arrays for calorimetric detection of molecular interactions & stress engineered MEMS for 3D interconnects

IMEC Invited Talk

14 June 2010
Leuven, Belgium



Enthalpy arrays enable label-free, solution-based calorimetric detection of molecular interactions in a 96-detector array format. Compared with conventional calorimetry, enthalpy arrays achieve a significant reduction of sample volume and measurement time through the combination of the small size of the detectors and ability to perform measurements in parallel.

In this talk, I intend to summarize the past and ongoing work at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc.), touching topics ranging from sputtering low-noise thermistors to rapid drop mixing, and recent experiments. In the second half of the talk, I'll expand on another PARC technology, stress-engineered MEMS, aka StressedMetal. This technology is currently employed in novel high density multichip packages, in collaboration with Sun Microsystems (currently Oracle), but is also linked to the enthalpy arrays, in the form of a next-generation detector design.


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