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Open Innovation and the Ecosystem
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SDForum's 3rd Annual Innovation Conference

15 October 2010
1:55-2:40pm Fireside Chat
HP auditorium, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California



Innovation is a part of everyone’s business in every sector and every industry. How does innovation happen at both large and small companies and how are companies breaking barriers of innovation? How does it take place across industries in product development? There seems to be an enormous trend in the industry which is supporting "loosely coupled" application architectures that use APIs between companies to enable an external trading partner innovation new to the industry. 
Hear large companies and successful startups share their thoughts, insights, learning lessons and best practices on how innovation happens on both a local and multi-national level.


Moderated by Mike Cassidy of the San Jose Mercury News, this Fireside Chat features PARC area manager Raj B. Apte, who manages the prototype devices and circuits team. His current work focuses on materials, fabrication, circuits, and systems using a-Si, p-Si, and novel inorganic semiconductors.

Raj has 37 issued U.S. patents and 76 publications in the areas of spread spectrum coding, semiconductor lasers, micromachined light valves, micromachined displays, scanners, x-ray imaging components, amorphous and polysilicon circuits and systems, printed organic electronics, active matrix testing, and large-area acoustics. Technology Raj has worked on has been licensed to Xerox, dpiX, Sony, Cypress, UniPixel, UltraScan, and Stanford University.