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Large-Scale Social Analytics in Wikipedia, Delicious, and Twitter
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Harnessing the Buzz of the Crowd: Technologies and Applications (NPUC 2010)

22 October 2010
IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California



We will illustrate an analytical research approach in social computing. Our research in Augmented Social Cognition is aimed at enhancing the ability of a group of people to remember, think, and reason. The drive to build models and theories for social computing research should further our understanding of how network science, behavioral economics, and evolutionary theories could explain how social systems work. Here we will summarize the published research we conducted on large-scale social analytics in Wikipedia, Delicious, and Twitter, and point out how social analytics can help us understand the intricacies of large social systems.


Ed H. Chi is area manager and principal scientist at PARC's Augmented Social Cognition Group. He leads the group in understanding how Web2.0 and Social Computing systems help groups of people to remember, think and reason. Ed completed his three degrees (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.) in 6.5 years from University of Minnesota, and has been doing research on user interface software systems since 1993. He has been featured and quoted in the press, such as the Economist, Time Magazine, LA Times, and the Associated Press. With 20 patents and over 70 research articles, he has won awards for both teaching and research. In his spare time, Ed is an avid Taekwondo martial artist, photographer, and snowboarder.