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Turning Crisis Into Opportunity - What Silicon Valley Can Do To Help Rebuild Japan; A Fundraiser for Orphans of the Earthquake and Tsunami

Keizei Society Fundraiser

29 June 2011
George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC, Palo Alto, California



The earthquake and tsunami that stuck the northern coast of Japan in March wrought unimaginable devastation. We have all been saddened by images that can only begin to convey the losses sustained by the victims – loss of life, family, hearth, and home. Arguably the hardest hit among the survivors, and those least able to recover on their own, are the children who were orphaned by the crisis and its aftermath.

That is why for the first time three Silicon Valley business organizations have banded together to host a joint event in support of these stricken children: The Keizai Society, Silicon Valley-China Wireless, and TiE.  The event will explore what the entrepreneurial spirit of the Valley can do to assist with this disaster and what can be learned to prepare for and help with future disasters.

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$40: Registration by June 22 (11:00pm)
$50: Late Registration by June 28 (5:00pm)
$60: Walk-ins (seats are limited so may not be available)

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