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How to innovate in a rapidly changing world: From networks...to networking
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Sierra Ventures 6th Annual CIO Summit

11 October 2011 - 12 October 2011
Four Seasons Silicon Valley, East Palo Alto, California
this event is closed to the public



This invite-only event is specifically designed for the Sierra Ventures CIO Advisory Board, which is made up of IT Executives from Fortune 500 companies across all major industries and throughout the U.S.


Big data, mobility, cloud computing, and social networks aren't just isolated themes: they're interconnected realities. And this makes sorting early-stage opportunity from hype in these spaces very difficult. Even more difficult: how can entrenched experts -- company CIOs, R&D heads, and others -- adapt to the disruption in their industries, which often involves unknown areas of expertise?

In this keynote, PARC CEO Steve Hoover will share strategies for how CIOs can address disruption in their industries -- without over- or under-investing their efforts due to the unknown. 

He will also share some best practices for not just adapting, but embracing, the opportunities new technologies present. He will share some examples of emerging disruption:

  • In networks -- where infrastructure is no longer the forgotten layer, so it cannot be ignored.
  • In social networking -- where applications need to move beyond the social graph to an integrated "communications graph", which CIOs and others need to be aware of in the world of information overload.



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