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The Future(s) of Location-Based Services
Conferences & Talks

Geo-Loco: The future of brands, advertisers & tech in the loco revolution

3 November 2011
San Francisco, California



“The Futures of LBS” will address potential longer-term scenarios of LBS as it evolves and becomes a pervasive part of our personal lives, our work and our communities.  This panel of Thought Leaders will reflect on emerging Geo-Loco developments and share their views on emerging technological developments, the business opportunities and the social impact.  Is location just another data point in the bigger picture of total context awareness and hyper-personalization?  How will we protect personal privacy?  And who will be showing us the money for LBS?

Moderated by: Gigi Wang, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab and featuring other panelists Bob Upham, Director, Business Development, Yahoo! ; David Chiu, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (Mayoral Candidate); and David Staas, VP of Marketing of JiWire.

Geo-Loco Conference dives into brand, advertiser and the location convergence in the context of the Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) marketplace — and explores what it means for big brands, consumers, SMBs and the location industry. PARC Principal Scientist Bo Begole will join executives from Starbucks, Google, Waze, Facebook, and leading investors to address these topics in a highly interactive setting.