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Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnering Conference
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Capturing Technology Innovation, Market Share, and Revenue Streams Through Corporate Venturing & Innovation Partnerships

7 February 2012
The Island Hotel, Newport Beach, California



There are many models for engaging in corporate venturing and innovation. But how can we expand the models we think of when we think of "strategic partnerships"? And what practices can we engage in so these initiatives aren't conducted as isolated engagements but as ones that can centrally influence the business? Drawing on lessons learned and experiences from PARC today, CEO Steve Hoover will share cases and specific innovation practices we can engage in, particularly for moving ideation to impact, optimizing for timing especially under uncertainty, and for influencing the entire organization.

Attended by corporate investors, new business development executives, venture capitalists, private equity investors, mergers & acquisition executives, institutional investors, technology transfer experts, licensing executives, investment bankers, corporate counsel, as well as CTOs, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs of emerging growth companies, this annual International Business Forum event shares strategies to gain a competitive advantage through corporate venturing and innovation initiatives. Over two days, attendees will have an opportunity to share B2B alliance models, investment approaches, strategies to capture technology innovation from external sources, and insights on ways to enhance their corporate venturing initiatives. PARC will be presenting during "Innovation Storytelling: Nurturing The Seeds of Innovation, Case Study Illustrations" from 1:15-2:45pm as part of the "Catalyzing Innovation: The Corporate Perspective on Innovation Purpose, Ideation, Process, & Measurement" conference segment.