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Tech Women: Women and Innovation
SV Forum

Tech Womens SIG

26 July 2012
6:00-6:45pm registration & networking; 6:45-8:30pm panel discussion
PARC cafe [note: NOT auditorium]



Innovation is a key driver of economic growth for companies, for countries, for regions. Each year, numerous reports are issued on the most innovative companies, countries, and individuals. 

When it comes to those individual innovators -- what names usually appear? Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Dean Kamen, Larry Page , Sergey Brin and Thomas Edison. Where are the women? Are women not innovative or are they somehow being overlooked?

This panel will look at the challenges and opportunities women encounter in being (and being recognized as) innovators. We’ll explore the issues they face, their roles in innovation teams, and the strategies they’ve used to succeed.

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Francine Gordon (panel moderator) works with global companies addressing innovation, teamwork, leadership, and the advancement of women. She is also chair of SVForum Tech Women and co-organizer of the TEDxBayArea Women program. Dr. Gordon received a PhD from Yale and then began her professional life as one of the first two women on the Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty. She has held senior management roles at several high tech firms, spent more than five years with Boston Consulting Group as a global organization manager, and co-founded a professional repertory theater. She is currently working on a book on gender and innovation.

Corie Cobb is a contributor to PARC's Cleantech Innovation Program where she is working on novel printing and extrusion technologies. Prior to joining PARC, Corie worked at Applied Materials as a mechanical engineer designing hardware for plasma etch applications. Corie has also worked in the areas of ink jet printing, optical Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS), image capture systems, and industrial design for portable electronics through internships at Hewlett-Packard, Bell Labs, Google, and Toshiba (Japan), respectively. Dr. Cobb holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley. She has an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.S. in Product Design from Stanford University.

Rahima Mohammed is a principal engineer at Intel. She has been with Intel for 14 years and is a platform thermal architect and pathfinding czar for strategic emerging technologies in Platforms Validation Engineering team. In PVE, she delivered 10 validation platform designs and pioneered innovative temperature margining thermal tools for over twenty-five silicon products. Rahima has published 80 papers and filed 5 patents. She serves as a reviewer for various conferences and a program committee member of IEEE Semi-therm conference. She is the senior advisor for Women at Intel Network, Mexico and a TechWomen.

Janice Nickel is a Research Manager at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. She invented a unique programmable drug delivery platform -- "Smart Drug Delivery" -- which repurposed HP’s mature ink jet technology to address new markets. Janice created a business plan, attracted investors, and transferred the technology and business plan to the startup Janisys, Ltd. Janisys is currently developing the technology in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company and has demonstrated first in animal data. Dr. Nickel has 44 U.S. patents, over 40 scientific papers, and numerous invited presentations. Her hobbies include traveling, photography, gourmet cooking, and making fine wine.

Candice Brown Elliott is an internationally recognized leader, entrepreneur, manager, and technologist/inventor in the flat panel display and microelectronic industries. She is a regularly invited speaker at international conferences, industry symposia, and universities. She is a Visiting Fellow at NTU. She has held engineering and managerial posts in leading semiconductor firms as well as start-up ventures. She has founded several technology companies and led industry research consortia programs. She has nearly seventy issued US patents, with many more pending, and hundreds of foreign cognates. In her 35+ year career, she has served in nearly every capacity from clerk/secretary up to CEO/chairman of the board.

about the SV Forum Tech Women SIG 

SVForum Tech Women SIG encourages women and men who support the advancement of women in technology to help create an environment of empowerment for women and girls to achieve results beyond their wildest expectations. We are building a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, students and investors who seek to grow, innovate and explore possibilities for women in technology. Between programs this community stays connected through online blogs and social media groups. Hosted by a different firm (at a different location) eight times each year, these evening events provide an opportunity for in-person networking. Our program content varies, covering new technology, industry and investment trends, as well as professional development activities. In addition, we also host special events targeting middle and high school girls which allow members of our group to get personally involved in engaging these girls in hands-on activities designed to get them interested in science, technology, engineering and math- preparing them for careers in technology.