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IEEE Signal Processing Society meeting

23 July 2012
6:30-7:00pm food & networking; 7:00-8:30pm talk

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about the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Signal Processing Society 

The IEEE's first society, the Signal Processing Society (SPS), is the world’s premier professional society for signal processing scientist and professionals since 1948. Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation, and interpretation of information. SPS serves its members through high-quality publication, conference, technical, and educational activities as well as leadership opportunities. Its goal is to keep members abreast of the latest information and to serve the public at large. The Santa Clara Valley SPS chapter fulfills this mission in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.


IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Professor Yonina Eldar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion will be giving a talk on "Defying Nyquist in Analog to Digital Conversion". 

The famous Shannon-Nyquist theorem has become a landmark in the development of digital signal processing. However, in many modern applications, the signal bandwidths have increased tremendously, while the acquisition capabilities have not scaled sufficiently fast. Consequently, conversion to digital has become a serious bottleneck. In this talk, a new framework for sampling wideband analog signals at rates far below that dictated by the Nyquist rate will be presented. The focus will be both on the theoretical developments, as well as on actual hardware implementations and considerations that allow realization of sub-Nyquist samplers in practice. Applications to a variety of different problems in communications, bioimaging, and signal processing will also be described.