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Amplify Festival 2013
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Ashwin Ram to present "The Intelligent Web:  Shaping Behavior at the Intersection of Health, Wealth, and Choice" at the Amplify Festival 2013.

About the Amplify Festival 2013:
We are in the midst of business disruption without historical precedent. The ‘weak signals’ of today’s economy in transition show that the basic dynamics of our economy are shifting, fast.

Understanding these signals requires insight and the ability to respond with speed, agility and focus.

In this unique moment change is irreversible; yet the new order is still emerging. Now is the time to relinquish out-dated mindsets and shape what we must become. In today’s hyper-connected environment those that can innovate and adapt will thrive.

Powered by AMP, Amplify Festival 2013 offers unprecedented access to some of the world’s brightest minds. Speakers will discuss fresh insights on the theme of Shift Happened > Transformation Required! Amplify 2013 will explore the converging macro-economic forces shaping market dynamics and highlight edge-thinking strategies for creating the future of business.


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Additive Manufacturing for Electronics “Beyond Moore”
Janos Veres
5 December 2016 | San Francisco, CA
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Metamaterial Frequency-Adaptive Steerable Technology (M-FAST)
6 December 2016 - 8 December 2016 | London, United Kingdom
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The Future of Work
Stephen Hoover
12 December 2016 | Stanford, CA
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Connecting through Play: Tech to Augment In-Person Interaction
Katherine Isbister
15 December 2016 | George E. Pake Auditorium, PARC
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