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Novel Fabrication Technologies for High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Conferences & Talks

2013 SNEC PV Power Conference and Exhibition

14 May 2013
Shanghai, Yukon, China



There are tremendous opportunities for increasing performance and reducing cost in solar cell production by adopting fabrication processes from other industries. In this paper we will present several technologies developed at PARC for crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing, based on PARC’s more than 30 years of experience in MEMS, industrial printing, and laser materials processing. PARC is developing various approaches to improve metal-emitter contacts for silicon solar cells. Through selectively laser ablation of the nitride layer and formation of a nickel silicide contact by inkjet printing a nickel nanoparticle ink into the contact openings, the specific contact resistance can be reduced by about two orders of magnitude compared to that of fire-through silver contacts, which could enable up to 0.9% absolute efficiency improvement. Using inkjet printing and laser patterning to form the alternating p+ emitter /n+ back surface field and interdigitagted electrode structures on the backside of a silicon wafer, an lower cost process to fabricate high efficiency interdigitated backside contact cells is being developed at PARC. We will show that this is a very promising approach to achieve the $0.50/W module cost, the goal set by the US Department of Energy. We will also discuss PARC’s recent work on a new texturing technology and on multi-busbar metallization.