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Augmented World Expo 2013
Conferences & Talks

Form Factors for the Augmented World

4 June 2013
Main Theater - Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California



Mike Kuniavsky of PARC, Natan Linder of MIT Media Lab, and Thomas Alt of Metaio will explore the following topics in this one-hour session:  

Mike Kuniavsky (Principal Scientist, PARC)
Sculpting the augmented world: how to create experiences for augmented reality, urban informatics, the Internet of Things, the quantified self, and transmedia storytelling by treating those disciplines as facets of a single thing: networked processing distributed throughout the world.

Natan Linder (MIT Media Lab)
New prototypes for interactive augmented reality interfaces that better integrate information interfaces into our physical environment. From the creator of LuminAR–a compact and kinetic projected augmented reality interface embodied in familiar everyday objects, namely a light bulb and a task light. It allows users to dynamically augment physical surfaces and objects with superimposed digital information using gestural and multi-touch interfaces.

Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio)
The AR Engine: Accelerating Augmented Reality.
The monumental impact hardware acceleration will have on the future of the Augmented Reality industry, taking AR from single-use apps to always on, always augmented experiences- first in Mobile, and then to the future of wearable headsets and embedded systems.