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Smart Design – Analytics Beyond Big Data

20 June 2013
The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Ray



We talk a lot about how to harness the power of Big Data, yet we are still in the midst of a global scramble to deliver on its promise. Bigger and faster are clearly in our future, but what we really need is for our systems to get smarter with a degree of understanding that can come from analyzing, modeling, and visualizing all kinds of data, large and small. For example, in the world of design and manufacturing, smart, model-based design tools can transform outsourcing commodity manufacturing to the vibrant world of the democratized “Creator Economy,” while digital design and manufacturing tools bring knowledge into the industrial manufacturing development process, reducing development time and bringing “smarts” into the design process.

This session will delve into the crux of the digital design and manufacturing revolution and its inherent disruption – the fact that we must go beyond “bigger and faster,” to simply “smarter” through capturing the right data at the source, rather than more data that has less intelligence. We will discuss how this will affect the greater CIO and CTO roles as we increasingly see more individual creators and professional design teams come together to invent, design, and fabricate the next generation of truly personalized commodity products. We will also explore new techniques and approaches that demonstrate how these design models enable a process of “pervasive diagnosis,” enabling us to move to a world of “condition-based maintenance” instead of schedule– or failure-based maintenance.



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