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Front End of Innovation USA

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13 May 2014 - 15 May 2014
8am - 5pm
Boston World Trade Center & Seaport Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts



FEI 2013 is built for courageous leaders, those who aren't afraid to get hands on and tackle provocative issues like risk, failure and change. We welcome those who channel their passion, and commit themselves each day to the pursuit of bolder innovation and more meaningful collaboration.  

Tuesday, May 13th - 9:40am    The Future of innovation:  How Industries are Converging to Tackle Innovation  (Mike Steep, Senior Vice President, Global Business Operations, PARC)

Discusses the future of Innovation, and how industries are converging to tackle innovation, from printed electronics to manufacturing to Digital Cities, to the Internet of things to the future of energy.  Mike manages PARC’s global strategic relationships for clients in diverse focus areas including networking, novel electronics, human-centered innovation services, energy, to catalyze innovation and predict future behavior. intelligent systems, contextual intelligence, & more.

Wednesday, May 14 - 11:30am  Sandbox:  Creative, Iterative, and Early Prototyping (Jeremy Clark, Principal, Innovation Services, PARC & Laura Bissmeyer, Innovation Effectiveness Facilitator, Corning Inc)

Innovation is moving faster than ever and everyone is trying to lean out their New Product Development cycle in essence to 'fail' faster so resources can focus on the winners. This interactive hands-on fast paced session provides you with practice in the techniques of early prototyping, iteratively testing the desirability for your solution and providing insight into your target market faster, confirming early assumptions with a minimum first level of investment. The session ends with early prototype plans that you can take back and implement with your teams as well as metrics to help communicate your team's successes in the early stages. 


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