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The Additive Disruption Summit: Strategic Impacts, Business Models, IP, Finance
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25 March 2014
Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco, California



The Additive Disruption Summit: Strategic Impacts, Business Models, IP, Finance

Panel #1: Janos Veres : "Known Unknowns" -- Getting to Grips with the Unpredictable Impacts and Vectors of 3D (8:45am - 10am)

This panel of Fortune 1000 innovation, manufacturing and R&D directors, will examine the frontiers of 3D methods in an attempt to capture the core innovation dynamic.  Already a number of surprising applications with potentially large, disruptive impacts can be seen in bio-printing, architectural  applications, and the explosion of "Away from Control" home/distributed scanning, crowd-sourcing and printing of consumer goods, parts and tools.  While much of the latter is still more in the novelty or crafts category, the Maker/Techshop/Hackerspace trend augurs difficult to anticipate breakthroughs that may be social and legal as much as technological.  An alternative scenario is localized "on-demand distributed fabrication" delivered by existing strategies.  

Other Panelists:

Afsar Mir, Open Innovation Manager,  Meadwestvaco

Joanne Rainey, Sourcing Transofrmation Manager, ISC Sourcing, Honeywell Aerospace

Paul Susalla, Manager-Rapid Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company

Janos Veres, Program Manager, PARC

Ken Wong, CFA - Analyst, Citigroup

Panel# 2 -  Mike Kuniavsky: Business Model Innovation Leveraging 3D Capabilities  (4pm - 5pm)

While the additive sector still accounts for maybe $2-3Billion in global revenue, it may be unique in coming to the fore as a fully-blown business/technology ecosystem, with many interdependent players and niches, however embryonic many of them may be at the moment. This discussion will dissect the different kinds of business models so far at play in the 3D printing supply chain, as well as the potential for entirely new business models that rely on 3D printed objects or capabilities. An understanding of the different niches in the value chain, their respective strengths, challenges and margins, is key to any kind of future investment or partnering analysis.

Other Panelists:

Ross Kozarsky, Senior Analyst, LUX Research INC.

Jenny Lawton, President, MakerBot

Gonzalo Martinez, Diretor of Strategic Research for the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk

Paul Brody, Vice President & Global Industry Leader, Electronics, IBM

Full agenda can be seen here - http://www.infocastinc.com/downloads_pdf/add-dis14_summit.pdf