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10th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit
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4 June 2014
Palm Beach, Florida



Will it be enough for manufacturers to keep doing what they’ve always done, or will the future demand a new set of rules about how we lead, organize, operate, and manage our companies?

It all starts with being able to visualize the future — its possibilities and its challenges. The 10th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit will take manufacturers on a journey into that future by exploring the impact of increasingly flatter and collaborative organizations, new business models to exploit high growth markets, new ways of organizing production globally, build-to-demand supply chains, advanced workforce skills, and the megatrends of the social enterprise, mobility, and cloud computing.

Disruptive Technologies in Manufacturing

Dr. Hoover will address three trends that will transform the manufacturing industry: additive manufacturing as the tip of the iceberg in how products will be built, new software modeling tools that will radically change the design process, and how crowd funding will dramatically change the way entrepreneurial manufacturers can access funding resources and alter the way they innovate.