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27 May 2014
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, California



Patrick Dempsey will will give an introduction to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

Next will be a panel discussion on the future of additive manufacturing moderated by Chris Spadaccini, LLNL Additive Manufacturing Program Leader. Lawrence Livermore is revolutionizing the design to product cycle with additive manufacturing, moving national security innovation forward. Unique to their approach to 3D printing is the integration of manufacturing expertise, materials science R&D and high performance computing capabilities.

  • Patrick Dempsey, LLNL, Manager, Strategic Engagements
  • Moderator: Chris Spadaccini, Additive Manufacturing Program Leader
  • Josh Kuntz, LLNL, Additive Manufacturing, Research Staff Scientist 
  • Bob Ferencz, LLNL, Leader Methods Development Group 
    ("Toward part-scale modeling of select laser melting AM")
  • Janos Veres, Area Mgr., PARC, a Xerox Company 
  • Rich Stump, FATHOM, Principal