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Building Community and Increasing Commitment with an Artificial Intelligent Coach in Mobile Wellness Programs
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Fourteenth International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2014)

27 August 2014



Intelligent virtual agents have been shown to be effective coaches or companions for a range of health related applications. Fittle- bot is virtual agent coach provided as part of a Fittle mobile application that aims to provide users with emotional support and motivation for achieving the user’s health and wellness goals. One of the primary ideas is to base wellness challenges around teams, where each team has its own Fittlebot to provide personalized recommendations and support team building. Here we present two empirical studies exploring the effective- ness of Fittlebot’s strategies. We first present a qualitative analysis of user reactions in an 8-week field study in which participants identifica- tion three key roles that FittleBot can fill: leader, supporter, and personal trainer. Second, we present a quantitative analysis from a 2-week field study where we test an enhanced Fittlebot equipped with new strate- gies for the supporter and personal trainer roles. Participants using the enhanced FittleBot improved compliance over the two weeks and better established a sense of community. NOTE: This paper is still a draft and being cleaned up. Submission date is 4/14/2014