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Driving the next generation Internet:The role of Content Centric Networking
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21 October 2014



PARC is hosting this one-day workshop on the coming tranformation of the Internet at the Pake Auditorium on Oct 21, 2014.

The workshop's goal is to highlihgt the major challenges faced by different industries and institutions as an Internet and communications protocols architected in the 1970s have become mission critical for the global economy.  We have invited speakers from several key industry segments to participate in panel discussions around these challenges.  Please click here to view the full agenda.

We will discuss the pressing issues of security, privacy, compliance, cloud computing and the challenges of secure information distribution at a global scale in a connected and mobile world.  We'll frame the issues as well as explore how the challenges might be addressed with current networking tehnologies or using content-centric network technology.  If robust networks are critical for success in your existing business or are central to buildging your next business, you should plan to attend.

Conent-Centric Networking (CCN) is a radical new approach to solving todays networking problems, currently being commercialized by PARC and a larger commercial, industrial and academic community.