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Ambient Temperature and Pressure Hybrid Desalination System with Energy Recovery
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14 June 2015



We propose an electrochemical desalination battery (EDB) that works at ambient conditions and can operate at sea water salinities. The EDB technology is shown to remove ~ 66 % of TDS from simulated seawater (35000 ppm) at its initial stage of development, which could be improved further by system optimization. Combined with a capacitive deionization (CDI) system the hybrid EDB-CDI system can provide potable desalinated water with low cost, high energy efficiency and reduced water wastage. The hybrid EDB-CDI technology has the potential to replace commercialized RO systems by offering a higher freshwater output at a lower installation and operating cost. The technology is highly scalable from modular units that can be afforded by individuals and small enterprises to installations used by utility companies. Since the process runs at ambient conditions and the energy retention is high, it can be coupled with variable energy sources, including intermittent renewables.